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Tile and Grout Cleaning in Columbus, OH

Make your kitchen, bathroom, or other tiled room shine with tile and grout cleaning in Columbus, OH. With more than 18 years of experience, the professionals at K&T Carpet Cleaning Services, LLC provide high-quality tile steam cleaning and thorough grout cleaning for all residential locations.

When your tiled floors are looking dull or dirty, our tile cleaning company is here to provide efficient and safe cleaning in any room of your home. Whether you need your kitchen or patio area deep-cleaned, we're able to handle any job. Get in touch with us whenever you need carpet, area rug, upholstery, or tile cleaning service.

Your Trusted and Skilled Tile Cleaning Company

When dealing with tile and grout, it's important to turn to an experienced tile cleaning company. Various types of tile and many types of grout should never be exposed to certain cleaning chemicals because they may damage the glaze or even eat away the grout of your flooring. Our thoroughly trained specialists are able to determine the best way to clean your specific floor and carry out the cleaning quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose Tile Steam Cleaning for Your Rooms?

One of the most effective cleaning methods for tile is steam cleaning. Because ceramic, porcelain, and other types of tile are temperature resistant, steam is a safe and thorough way to remove dirt, stains, and residue left by store-bought cleaners. Tile steam cleaning helps get rid of dangerous bacteria and allergens that may settle into the grout of your tile floor or counters. Most store-bought cleaning solutions are unable to kill this bacteria or don't clean as effectively as steam. In addition, most detergents leave behind a filmy residue that causes tile to look constantly dirty or dingy over the years.

Tile and Grout Being Cleaned in Columbus, OH

Safe and Thorough Grout and Tile Cleaning Service

If your tile surfaces have ground-in dirt or stains that you just can't get rid of, professional tile cleaning is a great and affordable option. Our grout and tile cleaning service provides a deeper clean than scrubbing alone can accomplish. This is especially useful in kitchens and patios where there is a large amount of food, grease, and dirt that settles into the grout over time. Utilizing our tile and grout cleaning services saves you the time and pain of spending hours scrubbing the grout with an abrasive, damaging cleaning solution. 

Contact us to schedule tile and grout cleaning for your kitchen, bathroom, or any other location. We serve clients in the Columbus, Hilliard, Dublin, Grove City, and Gahanna, Marysville, Delaware, Powell, Worthington, Tapaskala, Galloway, Blacklick, Lewis Center, Galina, and Sunbury Ohio.