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Carpet Repair in Columbus, OH

Did Fido tear up the carpet while you were having an important phone call? Perhaps the cat found a loose carpet string to play with and severely damaged your living room's style. No matter what happened, K&T Carpet Cleaning Services, LLC provides high-quality carpet repair in Columbus, OH. With more than 18 years of experience, our carpet repair company is able to repair virtually all types of damage to your home's carpeting. 

Whether you experienced a pet mishap or spilled a candle full of hot wax, our specialists are able to repair your carpet using various techniques including patch repair and carpet stretching. When you discover damaged carpeting in any room of your house, get in touch with us to schedule carpet repair service. If necessary, we also provide carpet replacement.

Work with Our Reputable Carpet Repair Company

Just because your carpet has a burn or stubborn stain on it doesn't mean you need to learn to live with it or shell out hundreds of dollars for completely new carpeting. Our carpet repair company is able to repair small areas of damaged carpet using various methods including patch replacement, steam cleaning, or carpet stretching. Our experienced specialists are able to examine your carpet and determine the best way to repair it.

What Type of Carpet Repair Service Do I Require?

From physically removing and replacing the damaged carpet to providing deep cleaning and stain removal, there are a variety of repair services we provide. A skilled specialist is able to tell you which carpet repair service is best and most affordable for your specific situation. Often, a stubborn stain doesn't need to be cut and replaced; it can be treated with a special cleaning solution or steam and lifted from the carpet. Spilled wax and water damage can often be removed using special equipment that our company owns. For burns or torn carpeting, we generally use carpet patch replacement.

Specialist Repairing White Carpet in Columbus, OH

Specializing in Carpet Patch Repair for Small Areas

Don't worry if a pet or child has accidentally torn up a small section of carpet. Our technicians specialize in carpet patch repair to replace small areas of carpet that cannot be fixed any other way. This is often the case when a carpet is burned by stray embers or cigarettes, torn or frayed by a pet, or worn thin due to excessive traffic. Our technician is able to cut away the damaged carpet and replace it with a matching section from the store or an out-of-sight area like a closet. This allows you to save money by putting off carpet replacement for a few more years. 

Contact us to discuss your carpet repair options with our friendly staff. We serve clients in the Columbus, Hilliard, Dublin, Grove City, and Gahanna, Marysville, Delaware, Powell, Worthington, Tapaskala, Galloway, Blacklick, Lewis Center, Galina, and Sunbury Ohio.